AXIS F1035-E

  • Flexible, rugged design for indoor, outdoor and mobile use
  • Fisheye lens with HDTV 1080p resolution
  • Ultra-wide 194° horizontal field of view


Discreet, wide area surveillance

AXIS F1035-E Sensor Unit, together with an AXIS F Main Unit, provides wide area coverage with a fisheye view. It is ideal for highly discreet overview surveillance in indoor, outdoor and mobile surveillance applications; for example, at entrances, long corridors, around an ATM (automated teller machine), in emergency vehicles, buses and trams.

The small sensor unit can be installed in tight places, flush-mounted in a wall or ceiling, or incorporated in a lightbar on top of an emergency vehicle. The rugged, IP66-rated AXIS F1035-E withstands dust, rain, snow, vibrations, shock and temperature fluctuations.

AXIS F1035-E comprises an image sensor and a fisheye lens that provides a 194° horizontal field of view in 1080p resolution. It comes with a 3-m or 12-m (10-ft. or 39-ft.) pre-mounted cable for connection to an AXIS F Main Unit. The main unit can be placed further away in an indoor location, inside a vehicle or in an outdoor enclosure. AXIS F1035-E comes with an AXIS F8201 Vari-angle Mounting Bracket that enables the sensor unit to be secured and tilted in any position.


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AXIS F1035-E

PDF document Схема AXIS F1035-E
(Dimension drawing, 0.11 MB, English)


Mounting accessories


AXIS F8235 Fisheye Accessory

This accessory enables AXIS F1035-E Sensor Unit to be mounted in the ceiling for overviews of a small room or parts of a larger room (for instance, over high-value goods in a retail environment). It is repaintable to make it easier for the unit to blend in with the environment. The diameter of the visible parts is 54 mm.

Part number: 5506-541


AXIS F8201 Vari-angle Mounting Bracket, 5 pieces

For mounting directly on a wall or ceiling.

Part number: 5505-811
Dimensions :
PDF document Схема AXIS F8201 Vari-angle Mounting Bracket


AXIS F8203 Fixed Mount Bracket, 5 pieces

For sturdy mounting directly on a wall or ceiling. Can also be attached to an Axis wall-mount stand.

Part number: 5505-831
User documentation:
PDF document AXIS F8203 Fixed Mounting Bracket — Installation Guide

Dimensions :

PDF document Схема AXIS F8203 Fixed Mount Bracket


AXIS F8204 Mounting Band, 10 pieces

Stainless steel band for flexible mounting of sensor units. The band can be shaped as required. See examples. Included are nuts (10 x M20 x 1.5) for locking the sensor unit to the band. Works with all AXIS P12 sensor units and all AXIS F Sensor Units except AXIS F1015.

Part number: 5506-571


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